domingo, 28 de enero de 2018

comment :stole or lost phone

This is a great way to find your stolen or lost phone. Another way is if you are in your house and do not remember where you left it is to use another phone. You call yourself and you will see where it is because of the ringing. The problem is that you may have your mobile phone in the silent mode

Well, the best thing is never to lose it and have it in a bag, and be aware if you take it out and not leave it forgotten in any place, and if we take it out the phone be aware that they do not take them out of your hands

If your phone is stolen there are many applications to locate it.


domingo, 7 de enero de 2018

comment:Black Friday

 Black Friday means 'viernes negro' in Spanish and it  is the day when some items are cheaper.  They have reduced prices. People take advantage to buy Christmas products. It's a day after Thanks giving in the United States, but they do it everywhere.
I believe that for us it is much better because expensive products that we want to buy  become cheaper and we don't have to
pay so much.  

Cooment ;Restaurant

I like cooking, but the problem is that I am not allowed to cook anything.. I like almost everything.I like fish, except the ones with fishbones,I also like meat, such as chicken, and vegetables  When I go to Salobreña I go to bars that do not
put fish or pizzarias. I prefer going to Motril because there are more combinations of bars and there are macdonalds ...
My favorite dish is  chicken with chips and  spaghetti.
  I like the chicken and chips they sell in the "King of chicken"

 I like most are the desserts (sweets), ice creams, cakes, chocolate ... I also like fruit a lot, my favourite one is watermelon.

                        My favourite dish

domingo, 10 de diciembre de 2017


                                                     Boy disappears in park

Last Sunday a little boy dissappeared in Salobreña's Ducks park.
Luisa and her son Juan were in this park.While Luisa was talking with her friends,her son Juan dissapeared.Luisa looked for him,and she didn't find him.After that,she called the police so that they helped her to look for him.Finally,Juan was in his friend luis house.After one hour,Juan  appeared with his friend Luis  and he told his mother what he was playing in the friend Luis's house with his computer game.

martes, 5 de diciembre de 2017

comment:The abuse of sugar

The abuse of sugar

Most of the food that people eat a day carry some sugar.
The people of today abuse eating too many sweets.
Food that contains a lot of sugar is not good for our health or for our teeth.
Nowadays almost all the food we eat contains some sugar, even if we do not realize it.
If we often consume food that contain a lot of sugar,it can produce diabetes and our teeth will be stung, etc. 

martes, 21 de noviembre de 2017

a biography

Karl Friedrich Benz

Karl Friedrich Benz was a German engineer. He is considered one of the inventors of the automobile. Karlsruhe, November 25, 1844, Ladenburg, April 4, 1929. His mother was Josephine Vaillant and his father was Johann George Benz, Karl Friedrich Benz, he was the only son. First, in 1871, he created his first company to sell materials for building. The following year he married Bertha Ringer, with who he had five children: Richard Benz, Clara Benz, Ellen Benz, Thilde Benz and Eugen Benz. After that, in 1883 he started to build industrial engines in Mannheim. Finally, in 1910 and in 1924, he created the best car at that time. 5 years later,he died on April 4, 1929 in Ladenburg, Germany, when he was 84 years old.

martes, 14 de noviembre de 2017

Comentario:Putin's law

Putin's law
Most people in the world smoke ... Smoking is not good for your health, (tobacco harms)
As some people say, tobacco is a vice and also kills. Once you smoke a cigarette you can not take it off, very few people in the world have been able to take it off.
When some people smoke in a public place or a closed place to other people they are affected by smoke and can become those people who smoke. So what Putin says may be a good idea because there will be fewer people who smoke. Smokers die more before those who do not smoke. Damages various organs and body parts.