domingo, 4 de marzo de 2018

comment:barking trains

many people, abandon their pets . First, people receive Pets as a gift or they even buy a puppy, but later when those pets are bigger and take more space they become a problem because you have to take care of them. 
If you know how to take care of a pet and you will take care of it, buy it or adopt it

Some people have a dog, and they do not take care of it very well, they mistreat them ..

 A puppy needs a big place to live and money to buy the things it needs  


miércoles, 28 de febrero de 2018


we usually throw the plastic bags into the sea, which should not be done, many marine animals eat that plastic and die.

We should not do it, because if we kill all the marine animals, we cannot eat fish

Sometimes the sea is the most polluted place , we should not throw rubbish into the sea and we  shouldn't  use products that affect marine life,either 


comment:One coffee with a dash of milk, please

Drinking coffee is a good way to stay awake, adults drink coffee in the morning and after eating. They drink coffee when they are sleepy, they take it and the coffee activates them, some adults take the usual coffee.
I don't like coffee, because its flavour is sour, I prefer to drink decaffeinated or cappuccino .

comment:the future of travelling

I usually use the car, and the bus to go to school. In the future, I want to use the plane, but I have vertigo to the heights, I also want to use the boat and the plane. My grandparents rode a donkey, because they hadn't invented the cars yet

Comment:pirates of the web

I usually listen to music on YouTube or download it from the Internet, I do not buy CDs. I think piracy is not a crime, because if you want to download the CD, you can listen to it many times without paying anything, and also when you get tired of listening to it you delete it without spending money, and if you buy the CD and you get tired of it and not you listen or anything, you have spent the money,You have spent the money and then you cannot buy something more useful with that money 

domingo, 28 de enero de 2018

comment :stole or lost phone

This is a great way to find your stolen or lost phone. Another way is if you are in your house and do not remember where you left it is to use another phone. You call yourself and you will see where it is because of the ringing. The problem is that you may have your mobile phone in the silent mode

Well, the best thing is never to lose it and have it in a bag, and be aware if you take it out and not leave it forgotten in any place, and if we take it out the phone be aware that they do not take them out of your hands

If your phone is stolen there are many applications to locate it.


domingo, 7 de enero de 2018

comment:Black Friday

 Black Friday means 'viernes negro' in Spanish and it  is the day when some items are cheaper.  They have reduced prices. People take advantage to buy Christmas products. It's a day after Thanks giving in the United States, but they do it everywhere.
I believe that for us it is much better because expensive products that we want to buy  become cheaper and we don't have to
pay so much.